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As a leading manufacturer of quality PCB , Aster Electronics is a major player in the industry. We’ve been supplying our PCB related services to well-known local and global companies for years, and have developed an excellent reputation within the community. Our Team is closely supported by highly Experienced professionals, and ensure that all of our services embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

PCB Design

PCB Designing Aster Electronics

Printed circuit board (PCB) layout and design services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster as our engineering team has significant real world experience designing PCBs for performance and manufacturability. Our team of engineers and CAD/CAM operators are available to discuss any project needs that our customer may have as we are fully licensed and utilize industry leading tools. Our 25+ years of PCB manufacturing history allows us to quickly get customers full Gerber and drawing packages


CAM Work PCB Aster Electronics

At Aster Electronics, We provides offshore front-end engineering and test services & CAD projects (PCB Designing) for Printed Circuit Board Industry. we continue to improve efficiency and productivity while focusing on continuous improvement of our quality & services to surpass our customer’s expectations. We can use any information you have and create a fully functional data for you to manufacture a board. We can accept various file formats with our state-of-the-art CAM software.

DFM Check

DFM Check Disign For Manufacturebility P

Employing good DFM as part of your design is essential to the manufacturability of boards. The benefits of DFM include faster turnaround times, higher quality boards, faster bring up, and lower costs.  Our engineering support will give you the most in-depth feedback, with exact accuracy, eliminating delays and quality problems discovered before fabrication. Send us your PCB data files and we will run a complete DFM check for manufacturability.

PCB SMT Stencil

Soler Paste Stencil PCB Aster Eletronics

We provide Stencil made with  fully automated laser for surface mount components assembly on bare circuit boards. To help engineers we currently provide both framed and frameless stencil options for solder paste application on PCB boards. Solder paste stencils are laser cut directly from customer supplied Gerber data. These accurate stainless stencils are shipped quickly to meet customer needs.

PCB to Gerber

PCB to Gerber Aster Electronics

Aster Electronics has the solution to this unique problem that has afflicted many companies throughout the entire electronics industry. Aster Electronics has the capability of reverse-engineering that PCB to provide you with the complete design data package, which includes the CAD design layout database, Gerber files, schematic and fabrication drawings for that particular design. With Aster Electronics as your partner

PCB Drilling and Routing

PCB Drilling And Routing Aster Electroni

In every business, different personalities are required for specialized tasks. The role of CNC Drill/Route operator requires endless drill measurements and adjustments, constant attention to precise registrations, calculations of tool life, equipment maintenance schedules, as well as constant adaptations for each customer's unique requirements.At Aster Electronics, we utilize CNC Drill/Routing machines which, teamed with our operators, are the real workhorses of our PCB manufacturing process.

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