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As a leading manufacturer of quality PCB , Aster Electronics is a major manufacturer in the industry. We’ve been supplying our PCB to well-known local and global companies for years, and have developed an excellent reputation within the community. Our Team is closely supported by highly Experienced professionals, and ensure that all of our products embody the latest design, technological and usability breakthroughs.

Single Side PCB

Single Side PCB Aster Electronics

As our company’s pride and joy, our Single Sided PCB are our #1 best-selling product. And it’s not hard to see why - made from the best materials on the market, they are durable and last for decades. And with one of the lowest prices in the industry, we’ve captured the hearts and minds of our customers.

Double Side PCB

Double Side PCB Aster Electronics

Other than our single sided circuit board, we also manufacture double sided PCB. These are identified by their precision, stability and flexible handling. Other than its qualitative features, its cost effectiveness has a large demand in the industry.

Metal Core PCB

Metal Core DOB PCB Aster Electronics

we are offering a wide collection of Metal Clad PCB. Designed in accordance with the universally accepted standards and needs of our customers, these are widely appreciated owing to their reliability and flawlessness. Besides this, these can be modified to acquire immense level of client contentment and trust.

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum Metal Core PCB Aster Electronic

We provide Excellent Quality Aluminum PCB. Our Aluminum PCB have been used by the Many brands for years. These PCB  are widely Used in LED Lights. With a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, you won’t be disappointed. And with our 100% guarantee, we’re confident that you’re making the right choice.

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB Aster Electronics

The multilayer PCB came into being due to the evolving changes in the electronics industry. The functions of electronics have become progressively more sophisticated over time, requiring more complex PCB. Aster Electronics is a custom PCB solutions provider, serving companies across the world in PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

Prototype PCB

Prototype PCB Aster Electronics

Prototype boards help verify you have the right design before you start a full production run so you can avoid costly errors. Aster Electronics is the PCB manufacturer with fast reaction. We offer quick PCB prototypes to turn your prototype boards around fast while still maintaining complete adherence to your design specifications.

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